President: John Hindle  
Vice President: Jared Warkentin  
Treasurer: Brent Thomas  
Curator: Breanna Vitti  
Director: Don Berthman  
Director: Judy Berthman  
Director: Jim Fuller  
Director: Tim Happychuk  
Director: Leon St. Onge  
Director: Kerry Pedrick  
Director: Guy Savoie  
Director: Darryl Resch  
Director: Jack Scott  


A brief history of the St. Vital Historical Society Inc.

In June 1994 Gordon and Isabelle Hancock convened a meeting of St. Vital citizens in the St. Vital Library who were interested in exploring the possibility of establishing a historcal society in St. Vital. Approximately 30 enthusiastic citizens attended and expressed an interest to set up a committee to discuss the feasibility of such a group. The committee consisted of: Gordon Hancock (acting chair), Wilf Mager, Shirley Perron, Pat Main, Hugh Kennedy and Jack McDowell.

In September 1994 the committee presented a report and proposal to the second meeting of approximately 40. The group agreed that a society should be established, thus the life of the St. Vital Historical Society began with the following board of directors: Gordon Hancock (President), Hugh Kennedy (1st Vice President), Pat Main (2nd Vice President and Secretary), Jack McDowell (Correspondence Secretary), Irene Gibson (Treasurer), Wilf Mager (Publicity) and Members at Large: Margaret Coleshill, Shirley Perron, Ad Morier and Barry Benfield. The society was officially incorporated in 1995 and became the St. Vital Historical Society Inc.

In December of 1994 they held their first public open house. This was attended by more than 100 people, many of them long time residents of St. Vital. Memberships were sold for $5.00 and volunteers welcomed. Many donations of archival material were received at that time.

The Society's first attempt at an interpretive historical presentation on April 1, 1995 was held at the Louis Riel Library.  The show was entitled "Walk About-Talk About". It was very successful.  Following this, incorporation and status as a registered charity was achieved, and a regular schedule of thematic historical presentations on St. Vital's history had begun.

As of December 1996, the membership had grown to include more than 200 members. Members were doing mini thematic displays at the area libraries using display boards. The Society was also continuing to function as a mobile museum doing thematic historical displays throughout the community.